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      37 Ryde Rd, Pymble NSW 2073, Australia

      The clinic is 700m from Pymble and Gordon train stations. There are several options available to you to find us at our Pymble location. There is a bus stop in very close proximity to the building and we are positioned midway between Pymble and Gordon train stations. If you choose to drive, we also have parking available onsite.

      Centre For Strong Medicine

      Strong Medicine is a medical clinic treating mainly geriatric conditions and a gym closely supervised by exercise physiologists running tailored exercise programs for each of the clients.  The close supervision of the exercise sessions motivates clients to build strength around troublesome joints and muscles and helps them to avoid new injuries arising from doing the exercises incorrectly.  

      I came to Strong Medicine to manage a very specific problem but have found that I am managing a wide range of degenerative conditions and feeling generally much fitter for the effort. And I enjoy the very friendly community atmosphere which is carefully nurtured by the staff



      Entrance to the Centre for Strong Medicine at 37 Ryde Road, Pymble

      Donate or Volunteer

      The clinic is transitioning to a non for profit foundation in the upcoming months and that we will accept donations and volunteering opportunities.

      Stronger Health Care is Our Mission

      We believe exercise is a core treatment of chronic disease.