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Scientific studies over the last several decades have established that exercise is a powerful medicine for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. The Centre for STRONG Medicine is a model for integrating exercise into mainstream medical care. The evidence that exercise should be part of standard management that you provide your patients is documented in the published research that we and others have conducted (see our Research page).


Benefits and Results

We are all used to reading about the efficacy of treatments in controlled clinical trials, only to find out that when implemented in patients outside of that research setting, the benefits are not nearly so dramatic, or compliance to treatment is dismal in the real world.

We have kept detailed quality data on all patients treated with my weight training regimen. In over 5000 people with average age 74, taking 5 medications and with 4 chronic diseases we have been able to achieve an approximately 40% improvement in strength, 60% improvement in balance and a 30% improvement in quality of life sustained over 12 months.

We have very low adverse events rateshigh compliance rates and high General Practitioner satisfaction.

In summary, our major findings after fifteen years of implementing STRONG practice is that significant improvements in physiology, self-reported and objective function, quality of life, depression and sleep can be attained in a diverse cohort of individuals with multiple targeted diseases.

The long term physiological and performance-based test gains are similar to those observed in highly controlled research settings. The program appears effective in frailty, arthritis, depression, diabetes, chronic lung disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and chronic neurological disorders, osteoporosis, fallers, joint replacement, arthritis, anyone on prednisone or with age or disease-related muscle wasting (sarcopenia), chronic renal failure, organ transplantation and functional impairment .

Clients enjoy the program and see a major change in the presenting health problem. They rate our program at a high level of satisfaction. We have worked hard on appropriate training to exact physiological change in our patients. Despite this emphasis on high intensity, we have a safe program with few adverse events. Both carer’s and general practitioners see an effect on the care of their patients and rate the program highly.



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